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Sucks that your computer crashed, but I see your point. I don’t expect them to add something that people will not like. Of course, seeing that it is CN/Adult Swim, they would have to find a show that follows that same shounen profile that seems to be within all Toonami’s shows. I just don’t want them to completely rely on legacy stuff. 

If there was one show I would expect to see on there, I think it would probably be Fairy Tail. This would make sense considering the fact that CN/Adult Swim seems to have a ton of Funimation licensed stuff (DBZ, FMA, FMA: Brotherhood. On that note, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Mirai Nikki or S;G on there? Highly unlikely, but one can wish, right?

PS: Actually, I would love to see Ika Musume make her US TV debut on Toonami also haha!

Yeah, the shounen profile, especially stateside, is hard to pander to. Sorry if I came off as condescending there btw. I didn’t want to make it sound like I was downplaying your post. I just kinda lost my train of thought because of my lost post.  >.>

I feel like if they had announced Toonami at a later time, they would have the benefit of introducing some recently aired stuff. Mirai Nikki was actually a really good one! I didn’t think of that.

and lol squid girl finally “invades” the states XD

What do you make of the “new original anime programming” bit? Do you think they mean new series or are they making their own specifically for Toonami?

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