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New York City’s five boroughs first became Jeff Chen-Hsing Liao’s subjects when he moved to the U.S. from Taiwan in 1999 at the age of 22.

It was the city’s ever-changing landscape that fascinated the young photographer. “Every other week, you go to the same spot and something’s different,” Liao tells Newsweek. “New York is one of the most diverse cities—there are so many different cultures that blend into New York.”

To capture that culture, he photographed the same spot over the course of a day and combined the images.

See more of Liao’s images at Newsweek.com


Solar Eclipse over NYC & Empire State Building by Chris Cook

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Oh how far we’ve come.

Unlike last time I tried this, this time the tower’s complete. A shiny new tower, standing tall in downtown Manhattan.

Yay for Tumblr’s panorama function.



Here’s extremely rare film footage of New York City from 1939 — in full color.  

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Manhattan is seen from One World Observatory from the 100th floor of One World Trade Center at the Ground Zero site on April 2, 2013 in New York City.

[Credit : Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

“Turn to Clear Vision” (2012 ver.)

And for the sake of comparison:


“Turn to Clear Vision”

Empire State Building out of focus.

I actually turned that knob on purpose to give the photo a bit of poetic meaning.

I’ve certainly gained some insight in composition over time.

Sometimes, it’s all about the optics. The uploaded photo doesn’t give it justice; the 100% crop on the binoculars is spectacularly sharp.