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As the Spring season comes to a close this week and the Summer Season starting right on its heels, it’s about time I bring this season proper closure.

I had a whopping 17 shows on my list this season. It’s a lot more than I usually take up which is normally 5 or 6. There were a lot of interesting shows in the Spring preview, so I thought it would be a good idea to check them all out.

…I’m never doing that again. While I’m an avid supporter of expanding one’s mindset (in this specific case, by watching shows with diverse elements and of various genres), keeping up with 17 shows was a burden which actually dulled my excitement towards watching anime as a whole. Most of the time I’d stockpile a specific show for weeks on end and then marathon later. Of course, most of this was due to the end of semester finals studying, but I never recovered from the three week backlog it caused.

This season was on the verge of being a hassle, which is what something done for enjoyment should never become. Fortunately, there were just enough interesting shows to keep my motivation up to complete the season on time (for the most part). 

That said, I’m posting my final priority list with scores, with a mini-blurb of thoughts on each show in twenty words or less (not unlike my Spring 2012 watch list post). Consider this a follow up to the initial Spring 2012 post, and note how priority doesn’t always equal the highest objective score. A * denotes a series continuing into the summer season.

  1. Fate/Zero 2nd Season10 — It’s a pity that such an amazing show is limited by it’s status as a prequel to F/SN.
  2. Sakamichi no Apollon9 — Manga fleshes things out a bit better, but anime cuts corners in all the right places.
  3. Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna — 9 — The tongue-in-cheek “Story of Mine Fujiko” thing at the end was very witty.
  4. Aquarion Evol8 — Troll anime of the season. Best soundtrack of the season too, though.
  5. Eureka Seven AO* — 9 — Very “Evangelion”-like with real world political themes interwoven into it.
  6. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia8 — The final arc trumps the original content by miles. And I don’t say that often.
  7. Tsuritama8 — Melodrama was excessive at times, but seeing everything tie together at the end was cool.
  8. Sankarea8 — The ending is literally an open door for a second season.
  9. Acchi Kocchi8 — Gotta watch the calorie intake. Very “sugary”.
  10. Nazo no Kanojo X8 — Simple first love story. Ended as simple as I thought it would.
  11. Accel World * — 8 — I think otaku like to project themselves onto the main character…
  12. Mouretsu Pirates8 — At least the last arc is somewhat interesting.
  13. Natsuiro Kiseki7 — Ha. Rocks can have cousins. All lessons it tries to teach are undermined by the rock’s presence.
  14. Hyouka * — 8 — Just because it’s animated well doesn’t mean it makes for good mystery. At least some character development is starting…
  15. Medaka Box7 — Ha. Cheat code moment happened. Why does it have a second season?
  16. Uchuu Kyoudai * — (8?) — On-hold. Got bored.
  17. Jormungand — (8) — Dropped. Bored.

TL;DR—Final Score for the Spring 2012 anime season—8.176. ~B. Not half bad.

Stay tuned. I’ll have an “Anime Watch List for Summer 2012” in three weeks :D

Now that most of the first episodes of the Spring season have aired, I’m going to list the ones I’ll be following right out of MyAnimeList (I would’ve done this for last season, but I started blogging about anime relatively late into the season).
Listed in order of descending preference (1=Most looking forward to watching, 17=Least looking forward to watching). I’m also going to put in a brief blurb in ten word or less which describe my feelings on each series.
A * denotes a series which I have extensive knowledge of plot because I’ve read the original manga material.
A ** denotes one of my favorite mangas.
  1. Fate/Zero 2nd Season —stunning quality
  2. Sakamichi no Apollon —jazz
  3. Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna —exquisite plots hidden in retro style
  4. Uchuu Kyoudai —Space bros
  5. Sankarea ** —different spin on zombie genre
  6. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia ** —lighthearted but has a deeper plot to it
  7. Nazo no Kanojo X ** —panty scissors (weird premise but legit interesting love story)
  8. Medaka Box * —cheat code student council president (it’s making sense for now…)
  9. Jormungand —he f*cking deflected a javelin missile with a frag grenade.
  10. Aquarion Evol —sex puns everywhere
  11. Acchi Kocchi —cute antics
  12. Accel World —Action?
  13. Eureka Seven AO —Post-apocalyptic world
  14. Tsuritama —The color palette’s so damn colorful
  15. Mouretsu Pirates —Where’s the plot?
  16. Ozuma —Character designs look 80s, yet everything else looks modern
  17. Natsuiro Kiseki —stop flying please. I mean…yuri?

   ?.  Hyouka — ? (It hasn’t aired yet. Airs next week)

Not on this list is Mirai Nikki ** (—batshit, insane crazy), which ends its run this week. If I were to place it, it’d probably take the third slot.

To be honest, I’m slightly uneasy about watching 18 series this season. Normally I watch 3 or 4. However, the first four have such high potential to them that I can’t forgo them. The following four are adaptations of mangas I enjoy reading, so I can’t let them go either. The others are just icing on the cake. This is one hell of a departure from the norm.

Furthermore, I actually have a life in which I have to study for exams, so I can’t even watch most of these regularly (you’ve probably noticed the lack of activity during the beginning of every week. Mon-Wed are my hell days >.>)

Again, I don’t blog about what I watch during their run, so as to not create unnecessary spam (but I do post if I find something extremely noteworthy). Just thought I’d put up a post like this one just to show people what I think of the current season, and maybe convince them to check out ones they haven’t heard of before.