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Main themes of this blog: ANIME and SCIENCE. Although I like plenty of things which may show up from time to time. Like Doctor Who. Or Sherlock. Or Supernatural. Or Steins;Gate. Or Persona 3/4.
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Canyons of Gold

It’s scenes like this which make me truly love the concrete jungle that is New York City.


Irene Aftermath on Flickr.

Pretty much sums up the aftermath of Irene in my part of Brooklyn.

Well, it doesn’t really cover how my block lost power, but then again it was only my block and nowhere else.

Glory Light on Flickr.

Lavender on Flickr.


I had a piece of lavender in my shirt pocket yesterday. In case anyone was wondering, this is where that piece of lavender came from.

Crosswalk on Flickr.

Faux Chicken on Flickr.


Gotta love the faux Chicken :D

Thrifty on Flickr.