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Solar Eclipse over NYC & Empire State Building by Chris Cook

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Oh how far we’ve come.

Unlike last time I tried this, this time the tower’s complete. A shiny new tower, standing tall in downtown Manhattan.

Yay for Tumblr’s panorama function.



Here’s extremely rare film footage of New York City from 1939 — in full color.  

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Manhattan is seen from One World Observatory from the 100th floor of One World Trade Center at the Ground Zero site on April 2, 2013 in New York City.

[Credit : Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

“Turn to Clear Vision” (2012 ver.)

And for the sake of comparison:


“Turn to Clear Vision”

Empire State Building out of focus.

I actually turned that knob on purpose to give the photo a bit of poetic meaning.

I’ve certainly gained some insight in composition over time.

Sometimes, it’s all about the optics. The uploaded photo doesn’t give it justice; the 100% crop on the binoculars is spectacularly sharp.


Went to get coffee….

For the record, Rory’s coffee route makes no geological sense. He walks all the way out to Grand Army Plaza to get the coffee (which is sensible; no place to get coffee in the park), and then walks through Bethesda Terrace to get back to the cliff. However, Grand Army Plaza and the fountain are on opposite ends relative to the cliff, with the cliff being much closer to the Grand Army Plaza side.

Of course, this could’ve just been creative license by the writers, designing a route in a way which showcases the beauty of the city. Just like how Winter Quay is really Tudor City and is further uptown, or how Amy and the Doctor had to walk all the way down from Central Park, through Times Square and presumably the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn to get to the TARDIS.

Instead, I’d just like to think that Rory got lost on his way back, walked past the cliff and walked directly to Bethesda Terrace, and then backtracked when he realized he went too far. Damn you Rory for not picking up a tourist map which can be conveniently found in various places in the park!

Yeah, I know that part of the city very well. I like to spend off days in the area around Rockefeller Center, and I wander into that sector of Central Park up to the fountain quite frequently with a newspaper or book in hand.

On a somewhat related note, the Chipotle that’s located in that business district is absolutely wonderful.